• SP Rahmesh
  • Sudharshan G
  • Ranjith R
Keywords: Clean Code, Testing, DRY Principle, Reusability, Automation


This article is written with pragmatic approach insisting the importance of clean code and how it supports the application over a long period. Programs scripted before 1960s and 70s are still in action, taking care of major business houses in the banking, insurance, and health sector. At the same time reengineering of the applications, refactoring the code, removal of technical debts in the application, rewrite of the code and re-platforming are the major projects that being executed in the recent years, not just due to technology changes and business compulsions but also the application programs have reached a point where no further enhancements can be taken up. This paper surely will enhance the awareness within IT organizations and professionals about the importance of coding clean with a structured programming.

Author Biographies

SP Rahmesh

Director, Thryve Digital Health LLP

Sudharshan G

Adviser, Thryve Digital Health LLP