Origin and prevention of a new type of pneumonia coronavirus

  • Sun Chunwu
Keywords: Taiji theory of time and space, SARS, coronavirus, climate change, infectious diseases and epidemics, traditional Chinese medicine, hanging water, media, prevention and control work


in order to study the origin and prevention and treatment of the new type of pneumonia coronavirus, it is necessary to make a deep and systematic study on the work. Or the challenge is that the time and scale of each outbreak are unpredictable, and the infectious is very dangerous and difficult to eliminate the root of the misjudgment. It may be a bit hasty to limit the scope of the spread of the new type of pneumonia coronavirus by closing the city and roads, which may be a bit rash and will not be worth the loss. The following is a detailed analysis of the origin and prevention of coronavirus, so as to establish effective national epidemic prevention and recover the economic losses in the epidemic situation.

Author Biography

Sun Chunwu

Jiangsu Province, China, mainly engaged in natural science research;


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