Ability Solving Problem And Think Critical Mathematical Through Problem based Flipped classroom Help Videos

  • Rosita * Open University
  • Hasratuddin * Open University
  • Tian Abdul Aziz Open University
Keywords: Problem based Flipped classroom, Videos Learning, Ability Solving Problem, Ability Think Critical Mathematical


This research examines about Ability Solving Problem And Think Critical Mathematics through learning models Problem Based Flipped Classroom with gender based video assistance .This research was conducted at SMP Negeri 29 Medan.This research is quasi-experimentaland includes quantitative if research. The research subject is class IX-7 as a class experiment with amount student man 13 person And Woman 18 person, where as For class IX -5 as a class control with boys amount 15 person And Woman 16 person. Instrument Which used in study This is test ability solving problem and test mathematical critical thinking skills in the form of descriptions on congruence material and congruence. Results study show that ability problem solving and students' mathematical critical thinking skills have in creased after the implementation of learning using the problem learning model based flipped classroom with the help of learning videos. In learning, students become more motivated For Study. Response student to learning use problem based flipped classroom help videos very positive. Students become more enthusiastic in learning mathematics so that the model learning problem based flipped classroom help videos learning can made one alternative in learning mathematics in improving abilities problem solving ,critical thinking skills and motivation to learn mathematics when students.

Author Biographies

Rosita *, Open University

Postgraduate Mathematics Study Program, 

Hasratuddin *, Open University

Postgraduate Mathematics Study Program, 

Tian Abdul Aziz, Open University

Postgraduate Mathematics Study Program,


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