Fuzzy Based Modeling of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Fluidized Bed

  • Dr I C Bharti
  • Chinmay Gabel
Keywords: FIS, ANFIS, fluidized bed, heat transfer coefficient


This paper presents fuzzy modeling and simulation of circumferential variation of local heat transfer coefficient at the surface of horizontal tube placed in free board region of gas fluidized bed and its comparative study with conventional method. The simulated system provides us a platform for further study of the fluidized bed. The fuzzy based study  FIS and ANFIS of the system provides us the most compromising results. Thus a fuzzy modelling and simulation using MATLAB is carried out and results have been presented and compared with the results obtained from the conventional method.

Author Biographies

Dr I C Bharti

Principal and Head , Deptt of Mechanical Engg ,Govt. Polytechnic Bilaspur (C.G.),

Chinmay Gabel

Student , Deptt. of School of  Mechanical  Engg.  and Building Science, VIT Chennai (TN) ,


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