Submission Guidelines

How to submit an article-

Authors can submit their article online by registering themselves and follow the 5 step submission process.
All articles will go through the double-blind peer-review process for ensuring the quality of the article. If you feel any inconvenience while uploading the article to a website, you can manually submit your article at  and

Manuscript Format:-

The authors are strictly advised to follow the IJO Journal manuscript format before submission.

Language – English

All articles written in the English language will be processed.

 Fonts: Calibri (body)

Calibri font must be used to write your manuscript according to below given size, styles and position of the text.

 Title Size – 16pt | Position - Center

Author Name – 12pt Italic | Position Center

Affiliation – 12pt | Position Center

Main Heading – 14pt Bold

Abstract text – 12pt Italic

Sub Heading – 12pt Bold

Text – 12pt Normal

References – 12pt Italic

Diagram, figure, tables Position – Center

 All research articles must be written in a single column on A4 page size with a Normal Margin of 1” from all sides. Articles will be accepted in all MS Word formats and pdf extension.

 Final Submission Checklist-

  Article must not be submitted elsewhere.

  Must follow IJO manuscript format

  Must not publish elsewhere

  File format must be MS Word or pdf

  Author agree to all terms and condition of the journal